Just four hours from San Jose in Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean, visitors will find Sumaqtikaq Cabins right in the heart of Manzanillo, a small village surrounded by lush flora and fauna. There visitors will enjoy beautiful white sand beaches where the coconut and almond trees create a beautiful green view. The warm, clear, calm Caribbean forms the perfect place for fun, adventure, relaxation, and enjoyment of natural beauty. By bringing all these natural features is that in 1985 Manzanillo was declared as a protected place of that heritage and nowadays is established as the Wildlife Refuge Gandoca Manzanillo. This protected area of 5000 hectares of land area, and 4500 hectares as the marine area. In addition to the natural wealth there is a true cultural treasure, its people mainly Afro-Caribbean with their customs and traditions, promise a quiet and relaxed environment. These people offer their friendship and their delicious Caribbean cuisine.

In this great and warm paradise, Sumaqtikaq is found and offers the visitors Caribbean style cabins. It is also a place that offers a quiet and comfortable hospitality and privacy of their facilities. Together with the sound of nature and the beautiful beaches of Manzanillo it makes the perfect destination for those wishing to enjoy an incredible stay in the Caribbean of Costa Rica.

Manzanillo Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge Gandoca – Manzanillo

Located in the heart of Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge Gandoca – Manzanillo.
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