About us

Sumaqtikaq cabins began as a life project and now it is a dream come true. We always thought of living in a beautiful and quiet spot near the sea and surrounded by lots of nature. The awakening, the melody of the birds and the crashing of the waves, and the colorful flowers and butterflies fill our whole being of energy. This place is a paradise. At the beginning this was imagined something far away… today it is our reality shared with the family who were deeply involved in this personal project. Nowadays it has become a small family business.

It started in 1995 with the purchase of land. Then in 2004, we began to build the house using the Caribbean architecture. This is why the idea of building it with rooms to accommodate visitors who love the natural beauty. In this way Cabins Sumaqtikaq were built, to share with all those who wish to enjoy peace in harmony with nature.

When I was studying in the magical city of Cuzco, Peru, in a ceremony led by a “shaman” in the archaeological site Maras, I was selected to be “baptized” with salt water near a hill from this place. The name Sumaq T’ikaq was chosen to be my new name. Sumaq stands for beautiful and T’ikaq for flower. This experience was very significant in my life and still remains my heart a bit of magic of Cuzco, which is why I wanted to honor my house with this name.

Our mission is to provide visitors with a friendly, quiet and comfortable stay in harmony with nature. This becomes our main priority.